1. Strength Essentials (14 CEC's)

  • Location : Peak Body Health & Fitness North Beach Shopping Centre, Cnr West Coast Dr & North Beach Rd North Beach, WA, 6018
  • Date : 9th of July 16
  • Format : Face to Face
  • Time : 2-days
  • CECS : 14
  • Cost : $660


The Strength Essentials course is designed to give the participant exposure to real world strength training methods; these methods are currently being used with some of the world best atheltes and teams.
You will learn:
- A simple effective screening tool that is easy to implement in a team environment.

- Methods to rebalance your athletes with specific exercises to improve on screening results and bring up areas of postural deficit.

- A practical system for strength and power evaluation, “what you test progresses!”

- An in depth analysis of how to improve the health and lifestyle of your athletes away from training.

- Networking with leading coaches in the field of strength & conditioning

What is the course content?
The course includes a screening tool and how to change the way your athletes bodies move through learning new body positions and movements. Learn how to determine key lifts for your athletes, how to develop them and what norms you should be aiming towards.

What will I learn about health and lifestyle? The way you treat yourself when your not in the gym or on the court/field will have a big impact on your results in the short and long-term. Go through a checklist system for evaluating your clients nutrition, sleep, mindset and supplement regime.

Is it practical? Yes the course very practically based. There is a theory component but a large part of the 2 days will be spent on training and coaching so that you leave ready to implement the techniques from the seminar.

Course Objective

Strength Essentials seminar is unique in that it delivers a complete system to help take your athletes to the next level of performance.

- Be a step ahead of the rest in the over-crowded PT market or get that leg-up you need to move into professional sport.
- To give the participant a system and structure to aim in strength development and performance coaching


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