1. Speed Essentials

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Speed Essentials - Real World Speed Training!

Would you like to know how some of the world's best athletes develop speed, acceleration & agility?

Rubin Ruzicka is the speed and power coach for the Manly Sea Eagles, track and beach sprint coach. Working with some of the fastest men in the NRL and many talented junior track athletes, Rubin know how to develop speed in an individual.

Understand the elements of speed

•Top Speed/ Max Velocity
•Acceleration/Change of Pace
•Start/Off the Mark
•Multidirectional Speed
•Agility/Reaction Speed

Course Objective

The Speed Essentials course will give you and understanding of how to assess you athletes/clients running technique and how to remedy common errors that are holding back speed development in you athletes.

How to structure a yearly speed development program to have you athletes peaking at the right time.

This course will give you a step-by-step approach in how to coach speed in your clients and athletes including drills and speed programs.


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