1. Performance Boxing (5 CEC's)

  • Location : Savvy FItness, 135 Princes Hwy Fairy Meadow
  • Date : 2nd of February 20
  • Format :
  • Time : 9am-3pm
  • CECS : 5
  • Cost : $250


This course carries 5 CECs with Fitness Australia and will give you an accreditation to teach boxing in any gym throughout Australia
Performance Boxing is the foundational courses that will exposure particpants to the 5 key strategies that will change the way you think about using boxing with your clients.

The 5 Key Strategies That Open New Doors For You
Through our Performance Boxing courses you will learn 5 Key Strategies that will enhance your reputation as an expert in this key field of fitness training and ensure clients come knocking at your door.

A Certificate III in Fitness is required to enrol in this course.

Course Objective

5 Key Performance Boxing Strategies:
  • Authentic Boxing Technique
  • Structure
  • Strategy
  • Timing, Body Movement & Weight Transfer
  • Evasion & Defensive Drills

If you can master these 5 key Performance Boxing Strategies you will have the skills to:

  • Set yourself ahead of the competition by using the same training techniques as the World best Boxing coaches
  • Have an insight into High Performance Boxing techniques
  • Identify faulty technique and how to correct errors
  • Have an endless repertoire of combinations


Anchoring the punch to develop power
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