1. Advanced Performance Boxing (6 CEC's)

  • Location : 166 Parramatta Road Camperdown, NSW 2050
  • Date : Course date coming soon...
  • Format : Face to Face
  • Time : 10am-4pm
  • CECS : 6
  • Cost : $295


The aim of the Advanced Performance Boxing Course is for you the personal trainer to gain a greater understand of boxing technique and how to take authentic boxing training methods and adapt them into a boxing for fitness situation. You will learn: At the completion of the Advanced Performance Boxing Course (Advanced Course) your learning outcomes are: How to safely instruct and demonstrate both foundational and advanced boxing techniques How to safely instruct and demonstrate both foundational and advanced focus pad techniques The ability to identify incorrect techniques and have a number of strategies to correct technique The difference between the long, medium and short range stance why and when you use each stance Line drills, footwork and punching (combinations) with footwork Defense in detail, the hierarchy of defense Counter Punching for Personal Trainers Body weight exercises and medicine balls for conditioning drills How to use a body shield to add an extra dimension to your sessions How to use a punch shield You will be shown how to structure PT and group training session to include these advanced training concepts.

Course Objective

We have taken the best from the boxing world and put it into the advance program that will redefine you as a trainer and expert instructor. “As the Personal Training Manager of the largest PT team in Australia I was constantly looking for courses that would improve the technical and business expertise of my trainers. Corey Bockings “Performance Boxing” achieves this and more! The PTI team have produced a scientific and practical boxing course that provides personal trainers a unique view from both the boxing and Personal Training world. If you want to make boxing, parts of your fitness business- get on board!” Brendon Harris – Toa Training


Anchoring the punch to develop power
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