Performance Boxing

Boxing for Fitness is old news. Boxing for Performance is a whole new level of training and development in this exciting field of fitness.

We offer two levels of boxing for performance accreditations throughout Australia.

Course Objectives


Stage 1 – Technique

First and foremost, you must learn correct technique yourself. This includes the seemingly simple yet highly detailed principles of how to effectively stand, move and punch. This is the key to generating speed, power and endurance, developing strength and co-ordination and sharpening your reflexes.

Stage 2 – Teaching

Next, you learn how to teach the principles you have learned. To successfully instruct someone to both box (stand, move and punch) and safely and effectively use focus pads, we ensure you acquire proficiency yourself in a way that enables you to teach and communicate the same principles .

Stage 3 – Tactics

This is where we go deeper with advanced conditioning drills for using boxing as a cross training method for sporting teams, athletes and high level trainers who want to push their limits. At this stage you have mastered the basics and now take training further with work-rest ratios, combinations and integrating boxing into client training goals.

Stage 4 – Title Fight

You have now reached the peak of the Performance Boxing model. This is where you start moving and training like a professional boxer, including footwork evasion and defensive drills and incorporating a variety of boxing specific drills(skill and conditioning).



This course will show you how to identify which part of the lift an athlete is breaking down in and how fix the problem. I highly recommend the Advanced Strength Training course to all fitness professionals and strength and conditioning coaches. As a Level 3 Strength and Conditioning coach, I use Olympic Style lifting to develop strength in my athletes, the Advanced Strength Training course developed by PTI has given me a greater perspective on Advanced Strength Training concepts and its applications.
- Paul Watson – Former, Cronulla, Penrith and Australian Rugby League head conditioning coach
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