1. Kettlebell Instructor

  • Location : Camperdown Crossfit / Camperdown Fitness, 166 Parramatta rd, Camperdown (Sydney) NSW
  • Date : 7th of March 14
  • Format : Face-to-face
  • Time : 2-Days
  • CECS : 14 cec's
  • Cost : $495


The 2-Day Kettlebell Instructor Course not only has Fitness Australia accreditation, it also holds the OLF’s Certification of ‘EKI- Kettlebell Instructor’ (EKI).
Have you been looking for a Kettlebell course that teaches the how and why behind Kettlebell training? You will learn how to make your client perform and function better. Advanced techniques are taught which will give you the edge over other trainers in client performance. The 2-day course is the most in depth course written in Kettlebell training for fitness and sports performance.
When you sign up and complete this course you get so much more than just a 2-day course.


  • 14 CEC’s and Accreditation with Fitness Australia
  • A 60 Page Instructor Training Manual
  • Phone and email support
  • Free downloadable Kettlebell training programmes
  • A free monthly newsletter
  • You become an EKI Kettlebell Instructor
  • The chance to do the Advanced EKI course

EKI – Kettlebell Instructor Course

Course Overview

Day 1

Kettlebell History

  • A detailed look at where Kettlebells have come from and who has used them.

Why Kettlebells?

  • The benefits of Kettlebells over other equipment

Kettlebell Safety

  • Covering the points that are most important for safe Kettlebell training in the gym environment


Relevant Functional Anatomy and the Kettlebell

  • Analysis of optimal alignment and posture
  • Movement patterns and types of muscular contraction
  • Elastic potential and its importance in movement
  • The posterior chain and its importance in posture and performance
  • Full range of movement, triple extension and hip extension:
  • The importance of these areas and practical demonstrations to improve performance
  • Reciprocal-inhibition, Synergistic Dominance, Intra Abdominal and Intra Thoracic Pressure:
  • Explanations and practical demonstrations into how these terms effect the performance of the moving body.

All of the exercises taught in the 2-day course are broken down and trainers will learn all of the necessary techniques to perform them safely and effectively. They will also learn the variations for the exercises and the benefits of each exercise for the body.

The Swing

  • Techniques and tools to:
    • extend thoracic
    • improve hip extension
    • recruit the posterior chain
    • asses muscular firing sequences
  • Variations – single and alternating


The Clean

  • Variations – double and clean and press

The Snatch

The Front Squat

  • Techniques to:
    • Improve thoracic strength
    • Increase depth of the squat

Double Military Press

  • Techniques to improve strength across the body
  • Variations – single, alternating

The Windmill

  • Techniques to increase strength across the shoulder joint

The Turkish Get Up!

  • Creating a strong base of support throughout the body

Day 2

Introduction to the day

Practical Assessment

  • Swing
  • Snatch
  • Double dead clean
  • Front squat
  • Military press
  • Windmill
  • Turkish get up


Methods of Teaching and Learning

  • Skill learning
  • Teaching practice
  • Learning models


When Instructing

  • Instructing practice


Training Plan / Periodisation

  • Linear western approach
  • Conjugate theory
  • Implementing Kettlebells into training
  • When to use Kettlebells
  • How to start with Kettlebells


Components of a Session 

Planning a Session 

EKI – Kettlebell Training Systems Method

3 challenging Kettlebell workouts, which you can take away, and use the next day

  • EKI Strength and Structure
  • EKI Conditioning
  • EKI Endurance

Demonstrations by the Instructors

Course Objective

Continuing Development and Learning


  • 16 hours of contact time with the instructor
  • Fitness Australia accredited with 14 cec’s
  • The highest level of CPD points for any Kettlebell course in the UK & Australia
  • A 60 page manual with all theory and practical notes for the course


  • The widest range of exercises taught in a Kettlebell instructor course.
  • Learn valuable tools to improve your client’s performance.
  • Learn great tools to improve technique and improve movement.
  • Learn the best ways to start using Kettlebells with clients.
  • 3 great workouts, which you can use with your clients straight away.
  • The only course in the Australia and the UK to incorporate advanced theoretical knowledge of movement with Kettlebell training.
  • Become one of the Australia’s and UK’s growing numbers of EKI trainers.

Available To

Personal Trainers, Strength and Conditioning Coaches and other Health Practitioners
You must be a registered Personal Trainer in order to attain Fitness Australia CECs


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