1. Advanced Strength Training & Olympic Lifting Level…

  • Location : Penrith Regatta Centre
  • Date : 1st of August 13
  • Format : Face to Face
  • Time : 1-day
  • CECS : Pending
  • Cost : $295


The Advanced Strength Training II course, builds upon the lifts and techniques taught on the Advanced Strength Training I course.

Olympic style lifts and their variations such as power cleans, hang clean and power snatch (which were taught in the Advanced Strength Training course) have been used as strength training method for elite athletes for many years yet there are numerous benefits to be gained for athletes of all ages and abilities through using Olympic lifts as a part of a regular training program with different training goals.

In this course we introducing the following exercises:

  • Full Clean
  • Full Snatch
  • Over head squat
  • Split Jerk
  • Unilateral lifts
  • Explosive Dumbbell exercises
  • Plyometrics
  • Complex Training

Course Objective

Five reasons why the Olympic Lifts and their variations are so beneficial are as follows:

  • They are performed standing (forcing your to stabilize the spine, whilst over coming an external resistance
  • They are whole body compound movements
  • They replicate movement patterns crucial to movement, performance and sport
  • They have high levels of motor-unit recruitment
  • They increase range of movement and improve posture

However even with all these benefits of using Olympic style lifting and their variations they are still under utilized and these exercises are not common among trainers.

This course will give you the skills to:

  • Coach these Advanced lifts
  • Identify common error & strategies to fix them
  • Progressions and regressions of each exercise
  • How to successfully implement these Advanced Lifts and techniques into your programs


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