1. Advanced Strength Training & Olympic Lifting Level…

  • Location : Movement Enhanced 37 Nariel St. Albion, QLD.
  • Date : 24th of September 16
  • Format : Face to Face
  • Time : 9:30am - 5:00pm
  • CECS : 7
  • Cost : $270


The ‘Advanced Strength Training for Personal Trainers’ course is designed to educate personal trainers, gym instructors and sports coaches the correct execution and techniques for teaching Advanced Strength Training techniques, lifts often referred to as Olympic Style Lifts.

This course if for the trainer who wants to use Advanced Strength Training techniques and Olympic Style Lifting with their clients.

We aim to give you the trainer the skills to perform and teach the following:

  • Fronts squat
  • Back squat & push press
  • Dead lift
  • Clean pull
  • Hang clean & power clean
  • Snatch pull
  • Hang snatch & power snatch
(This course is open to all PT's with a Certificate IV in Fitness)

Course Objective

The course will teach you:
  • The five pre-requisites for Advanced Strength Training
  • Exercise prescription for Hypertrophy, Fat Loss, Strength and Power
  • How to design a program plan/periodisation
  • Function warm-ups
  • Safety
  • Advanced Strength Training theory
  • How to identify and correct common movement dysfunction


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