Top trends in the Fitness Industry for 2012

It has held the number 1 position for 5 years in a row; this is a trend that continues with education and certification programs that are fully accredited viagra online by national third-party accrediting organizations for health/fitness and clinical professionals.

This got me thinking about what learning experiences are valuable. I think all experiences that expose us to new information or experiences are valuable to some extent. Networking with other professionals, courses, seminars, watching training sessions and asking questions -there are many learning opportunities available to us every day.

I recently read an article by Brian Tracy and he proposed three levels of learning:

  • Maintenance Learning
  • Progress Learning
  • Breakthrough Learning

Maintenance Learning

Maintenance learning will keep you at your current level of success in the fitness industry. Examples of maintenance learning include; reading magazines, searching the Internet or YouTube clips. Maintenance learning is better than no learning but won’t allow you to reach the next level of success.

Progress Learning

Progress learning is learning a new skill that adds to your depth of knowledge both practically and theoretically. A new set of skills that add to your scope of service.

Breakthrough learning

Breakthrough learning is often the powerful type of learning. Breakthrough learning occurs when something new (idea, concept or technique) works or something fails and we learn valuable lessons from the experience. Often the greatest advancements come from our failures (or what we perceive as failures at the time) often these are the real breakthrough experiences. We learn as much from what works as what doesn’t.

If you want to stay ahead of the game in 2012 you need to be constantly seek new learning experiences and put them into practice.



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