Keegan Smith – Strength and Power Coach for Sydney Roosters & Corey Bocking will be presenting a 2-day workshop on the Strength Essential.

The focus of the course is REAL WORLD STRENGTH TRAINING – learn the systems and methods used at elite sports programs.

We want to give you a system that produces real results that are time tested and built on scientific method and proven on the sports field (in real life).

Keegan Smith – Sydney Roosters

We have been working on the concept of this workshop for a longtime, its started with a conversation regarding many strength training methods that were being marketed that were just plain wrong and/or ineffective.

In the course we will go through the key lifts, strength targets and what Keegan calls completing the circle with nutrition and lifestyle which is often the missing link.

Topics covered include:

  • What is Strong?
  • Strength Training Options
  • Training Systems
  • It’s all relative
    • Is a body weight snatch strong?
    • Is a twice body weight bench press strong?
    • Is a double body weight deadlift strong?
    • Is being able to do a pistol squat OR 1 chin-up strong?
    • Consider – You now need to bench over 400kg to be amongst the worlds best!
  • Strength Matter
  • How much strength do you need?
  • Everyone needs to be strong but what level of strength do you / your athlete need to compete at the level you want to compete.
  • What amount of training time, injuries / fatigue will it cost for you to reach those goals?
  • Longevity through – Joint function
  • Typical problem areas
    • Shoulders
    • Thoracic
    • Hips
    • Ankles
  • Stopping the Injury avalanche
  • Evaluating your athlete – Movement
  • Exercise selection
  • Program design – Methods that work
  • Hypertrophy for sports
  • GTG
  • The 10 keys components to mass gains
  • A Winners lifestyle
  • Eating for success
  • Managing fatigue

This is just a brief overview of some of the topics covered in this 2-day event.



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